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Dear Soon Onn,

I am writing to you to thank you for sharing this wonderful program with me and other fellow agents.

Actually no words can describe the excitement and joy I felt after coming across this powerful marketing tool and now, I can hardly do without it.

My career took off to a another level easily without me going through the hassle to reach out to more people. Now, I reached out to almost 500 people I know every week and they appreciate the information and my presence although I am not REALLY with them.

To reach out to people about new product launches, birthday wishes, industry news and even entertainment / sports news has never been easier.

My business had about 20% increase of sales every month since I started using Email Prospecting For Success. And most importantly, I now have more free time for my families and friends and the awkward feeling of having to bring out sales during such sessions have disappeared. In fact, they now initiated me to share with them more about the stuff that I have emailed to them.


In conclusion, I believe this will help a lot of people even those that are not in this industry.

Thank you again, Mr Chong.


Derren Lim
Financial Service Consultant
Soon Onn,

Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful email prospecting programme with us.
The software has enabled us to do customized, niche segments of marketing.  We are able to separate out from our data-base according to the type of marketing strategies we want to apply.  For example, targeting all ladies for EPCC and Ladies products, HR officers for B@W, or reaching out to clients to inform them about anything in the pipeline.

I, particularly, like the throttle message feature, as it allow us to time and send messages by batches and only at the clicked of the mouse.

As life planners, this programme is a must know as one of the prospecting tool for our business.

I recommend that everyone should learn how to use this software the soonest possible.

Life is great!
Linda Chua

Director, Financial Services,
Linda Chua & Associates
Hp: 96377022
Off: 64175117
Fax: 64175709
(1059721 / Z0000248)
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd
(Reg. No. 190800011G)

Hi Soon Onn,

Thank you so much for your time in having the session with us. It was indeed an 'eye-opener' for me in how efficient and interesting this program is. I have not started using it as I am still trying my best to compile my 'master e-mail list', however I am sure this program will be extremely beneficial. I will definitely recommend this interesting program to my other colleagues.


Joann Choo Sze Har
Manager (Financial Services)
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
Hp : 9795 2017
Fax: 63457312
Dear Soon Onn

Sorry for the late reply as I was down with stomach flu..

After attending your class, I find that this programme is a great marketing tool for us. It not only save time n cost, it also creates a new platform for us to reach out to ALL our clients n prospects whom we seldom in contact with them. I will definitely make full use of this email prospecting tool to increase my productivity. I will also recommend to all my planners and colleagues.

Thank you so much for taking time off to guide us through this programme.

Yours sincerely

Kenny Lo
Great Eastern Life
Hi Mr . Chong

It was great attending your email prospecting session, thanks for taking the time in sharing about the knowledge of the marketing tools I found it to be helpful in emailing to life planners and advertising services to clients.

With the new throttle message featured, It is more time efficient and less hassles in retrieving clients databases .

As a personal administrator, it is useful to send important emails to all life planners massively, in a shortest time.

Also, it saved time in informing them of recruitment and organising seminars.

Thanks with Warmest Regards,
Brigid Cheong
Linda Chua & Associates
PA to Linda Chua
Tel : 6417 5595
Fax: 6417 5709

Hi Soon Onn

Thank you for the Email Prospecting for Success class.

I have always wanted to be able to personalize my emails to clients and prospects but have never find time to learn or locate the appropriate software. What I have learnt in your class was easy for me to apply to my business and has helped make my emails to look more professional and personal. It allows me to stay constantly in contact with my clients and prospects and have top-of-mind recall with them, at NO cost.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Catherine Tan
Financial Services Manager
Certified Financial Planner
Mobile: 92702485
Office: 64175133
Fax: 64175709

representing Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd
(Reg. No. 190800011G)

Hi Soon Onn

Thank you for introducing the Email Prospecting to me. It has made keeping in touch with my clients much easier. I can do it on a more regular basis as the process has been simplified.

I do recommend it to those who have not tried it yet.

Once again, thank you, and also for providing good after sales service.

Best regards,

Pauline Ng
ChFC, FChFP, MBA(Accountancy)
Great Eastern Life

Dear Soon Onn,

I first started with a select group of my existing clients whom I had not been in close touch. There were 10 of them. The message went out in the morning and all responded by afternoon!

Last night I sent to a select group of 10 orphan policyholders who had previously rejected my phone contacts. This morning I had replies from 6 of them!

I must say that this email prospecting is fast and efficient and frees up a lot of time for me to better plan and visit the respondents. Previously, I would try and get in touch with about 2 a week because of the time taken to write and send letters, especially after phone contacts fail.

I strongly recommend to all planners, old or new, to take up this special programme because we are able to reach more people and get more responses within a very short time. And the best part is the 'rejects' are immediately weeded out so we don�t waste time waiting and guessing whether they are still interested.

With warm regards

Vicky Teo
Life Planner
MBA Wealth Management and Financial Planning
Great Eastern Life

Thank you Soon Onn,

Its a great breakthrough for my case. i send out request for an opportunity to meet my existing client last week and till today, i still have e mails coming in....very good activities now, i am sure cases are on the way.

the only setback is i have got not enough time to cater to them......

email prospecting is really a must for us, especially in our business, building relationship is really crucial.

I will be using it to target on the project like company campaigns, servicing, and keeping in touch with clients and prospects

Thank you!!

Abby Ong
Executive Life Planner
Great Eastern Life Honours Club (2003)
Great Eastern Life

Dear Soon Onn,

"This training is not just enlightening but very practical and useful in establishing the valuable contacts with our clients and prospects: the main focus of our business in relationship building!"

Joseph Siah
Great Eastern Life

Dear Soon Onn,

After going through this 1-day Email Marketing for Success Workshop, I felt tremendously enlightened. I have learnt a lot of things never thought possible in Email Marketing. Simple to use and very powerful indeed. Soon Onn�s thorough and easy to understand mentorship has made is a wonderful experience throughout the workshop. A must-attend workshop for all Sales and Marketing Professionals!�

Andy Aventus Yam
Professional Emcee cum International Public Speaking Trainer

Hi Soon Onn,

Thank you once again for imparting your knowledge and skills of Email Prospecting For Success. Appreciate your time and effort. Will definitely put into practice what you have taught and it's official my phone call prospecting days are over with immediate effect. :)
Will definitely share with my associates what only you can teach.
May your tribe increase more and more."

With Best Wishes,

Ken Sim
Prudential Assurance